Gizza-Sidney Blazer set

page13Hair:[Wasabi Pills] Peach!

Head:[Lelutka] Stella.

Applier head:[The Skinnery] Natsumi (honey) freckels @Creation Jp.New!

Body:[Maitreya] Lara 3.3.

Applier body:[The Skinnery] Honey

Outfit:[Gizza] sidney Blazer set.New!

Sandals:[YS&YS] Rodi (Rare) & bag (RARE) @Oh my Gacha.New!

Necklace & bracelet:[YS&YS] Rodi jewels (RARE) @Oh my Gacha.New!

Earrings:[ieQUED]Brisa earrings @MIX.New!

Bracelet near elbow:[ieQUED] Brisa @Kustom9.New!

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A fashion blogger in SL

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