Dead Dollz,White Widow,Bold&Beauty…@The Ephiphany


Hi girls The Ephiphany a gacha event has started, here is some of the awesome stuff you can find at the event.To know how to play please read HERE .

Hair:[Bold&Beauty]Sonya by Jourdan McMillan@The Ephiphany.New!

Bra & Panties:[Dead Dollz]Westbourg RARE i used the HUD to change colour (6 colours in the HUD)RARE by Kiddo Oh @The Ephiphany.New!

Pillow:[Dead Dollz]Cuddling pillow (RARE) aswell can find a HUD to change pillow (4different )RARE by Kiddo Oh @The Ephiphany.New!

Neglagee:[Dead Dollz]Heather by Kiddo Oh @The Ephiphany (EXCLUSIVE to exchange you ephiphany points)Read the link  up the top to see how to get the exclusives.New!

Tattoo:[White Widow]Legend (RARE)( 3 Rare to win or 4 common you can mix plus 3 exclusive tattoos to exchange your ephiphany points) by Julie Hastings @The Ephiphany.New!




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