Gizza-Sidney Blazer set

Hair:[Wasabi Pills] Peach! Head:[Lelutka] Stella. Applier head:[The Skinnery] Natsumi (honey) freckels @Creation Jp.New! Body:[Maitreya] Lara 3.3. Applier body:[The Skinnery] Honey Outfit:[Gizza] sidney Blazer set.New! Sandals:[YS&YS] Rodi (Rare) & bag (RARE) @Oh my Gacha.New! Necklace & bracelet:[YS&YS] Rodi jewels (RARE) @Oh my Gacha.New! Earrings:[ieQUED]Brisa earrings @MIX.New! Bracelet near elbow:[ieQUED] Brisa @Kustom9.New!

So nice to be on summer holiday

Hair:[Elikatira]Eden (essentials). Skin:[Deetalez] Skin A.T.W Marina (European).New! Body:[Maitreya] Lara 3.3. Body applier:[Deetalez] Freckels european.New! Shirt:[Blueberry]Romy knotted top @Uber.New! Skinny jeans:[Gizza]Nico skinny jeans (Jungle green-Soil). Shoes:[Reign] Penelope plats fatpack( 75L) Sale. (Every saturday she puts out shoes at 50 or 75L) earphones:[Mandala]Eargasm headphones Bracelet & earrings:[MG] Honey Diva Bo Bo (part of summer colletion @Mix.New!

The Skinnery-Natsumi

Hair:[Little Bones]Rude @Summerfest.New! Head:[Lelutka]Stella Applier head:[The Skinnery]Natsumi- (Milk,Champagne & Honey)@Creation.Jp.New! Eyes:[Amitomo]mesh eyes-black. Body:[Belleza]Venus (updated) .New! Applier body:[The Skinnery] Here wearing honey tone. Dress:[Gizza]One shoulder dress (silk black-blue).New! Heels:[Wayne]Olivier hells.(40 textures including for slink high feet, TMP ) ONLY 100L.New!

GIzza-Give Me Summer

Hair:[Clawtooth]Beach Party (silent movie star pack)@Summerfest.New! Head:Lelutka Applier head: [Lara Hurley]Iza @Summerfest.New! Top:[GIzza]Give Me summer [Ornamental aqua-pink]! Shorts:[Gizza]Give Me Summer [white]! Beach bag:[Gizza]Give Me summer! Shades:[ieQUED] Earrings & Necklace:Mandala Bracelet:[Katat0nik]MAIU bracelet @ORIGAMI hunt.New! (starting the 5th July).

Hello Summer

Hair:[Burley] Starla.New! Headband:[Magika]Group gift. Head:[Lelutka]Stella. Applier for Lelutka head:[The Skinnery]London (toffee) @TCF.New! Moles:[The Skinnery]Applier for lelutka mesh head (3 different tipes of moles) @Shiny Shabby.New! Body:[Maitreya]Lara 3.3. Applier Maitreya skin:[The Skinnery] Toffee tone. Top:[C’est La Vie] Frill tubetop (zig zag cream) 50L.New! Skirt:[Blueberry]Letia ripped skirt.New! Bag:[UC_Eclipse] stds brown@IDK.New! Rings :[ieQUED] Marina set @Summerfest.New! Bracelet:[ieQUED] AnchorContinue reading “Hello Summer”

YS&YS-Hara for @Shiny Shabby

Hi girls YS&YS will release this awesome applier for Lelutka mesh heads Hara 4 tones  aswell a new tone 00 the one i’m wearing comes in the hud different makeups plus different eyebrows, haibases colours aswell as freckels, blush can find her at Shiny Shabby. Hair:[Beausy/BUC]Bluprnt hair n’buckethat @Kustom9.New! Head:[Lelutka]Stella Applier:[YS&YS]Hara -tone 2 w/Continue reading “YS&YS-Hara for @Shiny Shabby”