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The Skinnery (Quiana)(LaQ applier),Gizza, ChicChica and Taketomi..

the skinnery

Hair:[Taketomi]Kana by Bella Earst.

Head:[LaQ]Trinity 1.0.New!

Head applier:[The Skinnery]Quiana (LaQ applier) by Umazuma Metaluna@MBA.New! (soon).

Lipstick:[The Skinnery]Figs and Roses (Omega appliers) (LaQ head compatible)by Umazuma Metaluna @MBA.New! (soon)

Outfit:[Gizza]Sunshine outfit  w/necklace (2 metal and 4 stones (hud )(maitreya,belleza,SH,SP) by Giz Seorn@MBA.New!(soon)

Heels:[ChicChica]Lidianie  by Lilo Denimore.



Hair:[enVOGUE]Carley (diversity) by Casandra Rain@Hair Fair.New!


Head applier:Milan


Bindi:[ChicChica]Nisa set by Lilo Denimore.

Dress:[Gizza]Soraya formal dress (available in other colours) (body tattoo included (omega )by Giz Seorn .New!

Shoes:[ChicChica]Marsella (available in other colours)(maitreya,slink,belleza)by Lilo Denimore@Shiny Shabby.New!


Burley,C’est La Vie,ChicChica,ieQED

FIORE (blog)

Hair:[Burley]Octavia II by Bella Earst.

Head:[Fiore] MINX.New!

Cardigan:[C’est la vie]Kylie (gacha) by Larcoco @Shiny Shabby.New!

Dress:[C’est la Vie]Kylie (gacha) by Larcoco@Shiny Shabby.New!

Flats:[ChicChica]Laurie by Lilo Denimore @LOST&FOUND.New!

Bracelet:[ieQED]eclactic (gacha) (RARE hud has 5 metal colours and 6 jewel colours) by Sigi Faust@Kustom9.New!