TaketomiWest,Dead Dollz…..

Hair:[TaketomiWest]Liv (comes with headphones) (multistyler hud ) by Bella Earst@21N.New! Head:[Catwa] Catya (bento). Head applier:[Milan] Olivia BB40 (catwa applier).New! Sweater:[Dead Dollz]Polar Faux Fur Top by Kiddo Oh @TSS.New! Leggings:[Villena]Laced up @Kustom9.New! Sneakers:[Tetra]Air sneakers @Kustom9.New!

First thing in the morning…

Hairbase:[Tableau Vivant]HB2 @Coll88.New! Low ponytail:[Tableau Vivant] @Coll88.New! Head:[Lelutka] Simone (bento) 2.1.New! Head applier:[Glam Affair] Hanna (only lelutka head) Polar tone @Memento Mori.New! Top & Shorts:[Dead Dollz] Ace Sport SEt (maitreya) by Kiddo Oh @Coll88.New! Sneakers:[Reign]ARIANNA SNEAKERS @Coll88.New! Earphones:[Astralia]Yoga earphones @Coll88.New! Arm phone:[Astralia]Yoga arm phone @Coll88.New!

Burley,Elegance Boutique,Dead Dollz….

Hair:[Burley]Barbie (multihud styler) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[MURRAY]Natasha. Head applier:[MURRAY] Cho face (only Murray head).New! Corset:[Elegance Boutique]Corset “MONA” (maitreya,belleza,slink) by Elagantia @Cosmopolitan.New! Socks:[Dead Dollz]Parisienne (knee high socks)(maitreya) by Kiddo Oh @The Crossroads.New!

Burley,Dead Dollz….

Hair:[Burley] Dot (multihud styler) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Lelutka]Simone 2.2 (bento).New! Head applier:[Remy & Rowe]Wala Martell (lelutka applier).New! Body:[Maitreya] Underwear:[Dead Dollz]Hush lingerie set (available in other colours) by Kiddo Oh@Fameshed.New! Necklaces:[LUXE]Adele Necklaces (gold,silver,black) by Mecaa @BishBOX.New!

Dead Dollz,White Widow…

Hair:[Foxy]Waterfalls @Shiny Shabby.New! Head:[Catwa] Annie Head applier:[Glam Affair]Barbara (polar) @Whimsical.New! Moles:[L’Etre] Hairbase:[L’Etre] Ears:[L’Etre]  Taper mesh ears @Uber.New! Body:[Maitreya] Hands:[Vista animation]BENTO PROHANDS.New! Tattoo:[White Widow]Fences (black , white) by Julie Hastings@Peace on earth (HUNT).New! Bra & Panties:[Dead Dollz] Dita lingerie set by Kiddo Oh @ Fameshed.New! Necklace:[LUXE]Pearl collar by Mecaa @Uber.New!