Hair:[Beusy]Mood mesh hair (blogger pack)ty<3 @TRES CHIC.New! Head:[Fiore] Head applier :[Tres Beau] custom by  Lory Grau. Ears:[L’Etre]Basic mesh ears @TRES CHIC.New! Top:[Ricielli]Lily minitop (available in other tones) (maitreya, Belleza Freya,Belleza,slink hourglass,slink ) by Vliet Troncon (blogger pack) ty<3 @Shiny Shabby.New! Pants:[EVANI]Pizza skinny pants by Evastika Aura (blogger pack)ty<3 @TRES CHIC.New! Heels:[Ricielli]KYRA high heels (hud 16Continue reading “Beusy,Revoul,Ricielli,Evani”


Hair:[Magika]01 heartbeat.New! Head:[Catwa]Candy. Ears:[L’Etre] Basic mesh ears @TRES CHIC.New! Head applier:[Lara Hurley] Gia (catwa applier) @Summerfest’16.New! Top:[Evani] Pizza (bonus top) with fatpack by Evastika Aura (blogger pack) ty<3 @TRES CHIC.New! Jeans:[Evani]Pizza skinny (available in other tones) by Evastika Aura (blogger pack) ty ❤@TRES CHIC.New! Puppy: [Black Bantam]Sharpei @Kustom9.New!

Iconic,ChicaChica,Fishy Strawberry,Evani

Hair:[ICONIC]Hera  (blogger pack)@TRES CHIC.New! credits about head and applier in the post before Top:[Fishy Strawberry]Waist trainer (Maitreya,HOurglass,Isis,Freya,slink,classic avatar)by Fae Ericksen (blogger pack)@Uber.New! Leggings:[EVANI]GAIA (maitreya, hourglass, slink) by Evastika Aura (blogger pack)@Shiny Shabby.New! Heels:[ChicaChica]Sofie by Lilo Denimore (blogger pack). Earrings:[ChicaChica]Nina silver by Lilo Denimore (blogger pack)@Lost and Found.New!

Tres Chic-Evani, Boon,Minimal

Hair:[Boon] lab.0.30  (blogger pack)@TRES CHIC.New! Top:[EVANI] top Liza (maitreya) by Evastika Aura (blogger pack) @TRES CHIC.New! Shorts:[EVANI]Shorts Liza (maitreya) by Evastika Aura (blogger pack)@TRES CHIC.New! Rings:[EVANI]Boho rings (Gacha) by Evastika Aura (blogger pack)@Whimsical.New! Bracelet:[MINIMAL]knot bracelet (blogger pack)@TRES CHIC.New!