I Wear a Hat To Keep my Ideas Warm…

Hat:[SpaceCadet] Sugar Hill poses@Harajuku.New! Hair:[Exile]Catrine@Anthem.New! Head:[Lelutka] Avalon 3.0 (lelutkaEVOX).New! HeadApplier:[TheSkinnery]Esty (lelutkaEVOX)@Uber.New! Tattoo:[LadyBird]Blossom@Anthem.New! Dress:[BensBeauty]Coline with HUD soft Colours.New! Sandals:[Amias]Dasha (legacy&maitreya)@Anthem.New! Necklace:[Amias]Dasha@Anthem.New! Bag:[Tentacio]Rosella@Anthem.New!

Miss Sunshine

Hair:[Exile] Arista @Collabor88.New! Headband:[Lagyo] Kalina @Kustom9. Head:[Lelutka] Fleur 2.0.New! Head applier:[TheSkinnery] Dalia @Collabor88.New! Makeup: [JackSpoon] Juicy water gloss.(Lelutka Evolution] Ears:[Swallow] Persia.New! Body:[Legacy] Perky. Tattoo:[Bolson] Gropuis @TMD.New! Top:[Emery] Gardenia @Collabor88.New! Skirt:[Cynful] Riana’s denim ( BELLEZAFREYA,BELLEZAISIS,)MAITREYA,LEGACY,HG).New!

Wayne @ Alice in Sexyland

Hi girls if Alice in wonderland is your film then you will love Alice in Sexyland event you will find all awesome and sexy stuff to do with the film.So take limo. Hair:[Exile]Twist &Shout. Blondes @Arcade.New! Head:[Lelutka] Stella  Appliers:[The Skinnery] London @TCF.New! Body:[Maitreya] Lara 3.3. Applier body:[The Skinnery] Maitreya appliers. Dress:[Wayne] Mia dress (blue) otherContinue reading “Wayne @ Alice in Sexyland”

Summer what a great feeling

Hair:[Exile]Under the sun @Collabor.New! Head:[Lelutka]Stella. Lelutka head applier:[The Skinnery] London (Toffee) Freckels @TCF.New! Hoodie:[Katat0nik] Summer hoodie @Collabor.New! Bikini:[Baiastice] Jade bikini @Collabor.New! Necklace:[Meva] Navajo Necklace @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event.New! Poses: [Vibe] 1st on the left Organic @Shiny Shabby and 2nd Nieuwe Schoenen @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event.New!