Don’t think i will wait forever

Hair:[Besom]Powder (blondes) @Uber.New Head:[Genesis Lab] Eva bento 3.2 Head applier:[Le Forme] Dunya (genesis lab applier). Eyes: L’Etre Body:Maitreya Hoodie:[ Varonis ] Cropped hoodie (maitreya,isis,freya,hourglass) comes with hud to customized by Zara Suto @TRES CHIC.New! Dress:[Varonis]Kiara dress can be worn like a dress or top (maitreya,isis,freya,hourglass) comes with hud to customized by Zara Suto @TRES CHIC.New!Continue reading “Don’t think i will wait forever”

Iconic,White Widow,Asteria…

Hair:[Iconic]Rialynn  by Neveah Niu @Hairology. Head:[Genesis Lab]Lena 3.0 Bento @Uber.New! Head applier:[Genesis Lab]Lena (tiramisu) (only Genesis Head applier) @Uber.New! Body:[Belleza]Isis. Bodysuit:[Asteria] Viola Belted bodysuit by Kathrine Asteria @TRES CHIC.New! Tattoo:[White Widow]Harmonium by Julie Hastings @Shiny Shabby.New!

TRES CHIC-Vanity hair,Milan,Diram,Mowie,Fashiowl Poses….

Hair:[Vanity Hair] Chercher La Femme @TRES CHIC.New! Head: [Genesis Lab]Bento Eva 3.0 .New! Head applier:[Milan] Alecia 35 (Genesis Lab Bento applier)@TRES CHIC.New! Jacket:[Diram] Kimky Shoulders coat (white) @TRES CHIC.New! Top :[Diram] Kimky top( fabric 7) @TRES CHIC.New! Skirt:[Diram] Kimky skirt 2 @TRES CHIC.New! Belt:[Diram] kimky @TRES CHIC.New! Heels:[Mowie] Pejica  sandals (maitreya) @TRES CHIC.New! Bag:[Mowie] AndrejaContinue reading “TRES CHIC-Vanity hair,Milan,Diram,Mowie,Fashiowl Poses….”

Black & White….

Hair:[Lelutka]A.NV-0002.New! Head:[Genesis Lab] Eva. Bento.New! Head applier:[Bold & Beauty]Ayana  (Genesis lab Bento head) @Genesis Lab.New! Coat:[Mimikri]Fancy fur jacket leopard (maitreya,hourglass,physique) by Mimikri Kit@TLC.New! Top:[REVOUL]Kinley top (maitreya,freya,isis,hourglass,physique) by HighCache@The Crossroads.New! Skirt:[REVOUL]Kinley sport (maitreya,freya,isis,hourglass,physique) by HighCache@The Crossroads.New! Heels:[ChicChica]Pearls & lace (gacha) by Lilo Denimore@TFC.New!


Hair:[Little Bones]Nova (the redhead)@21 N.New! Head:[Genesis Lab] Eva (Bento).New! Head applier:[Remy&Rowe]Marjory Mckinney (genesis applier) @Cosmopolitan.New! Lipstick:Comes in the Hud with Eva head Eyes:[L’Etre] Body:[Maitreya] Hands:[Vista]Bento Coat & Jumpsuit:[Asteria]Merlin (maitreya,belleza) by Kathrine Asteria @Cosmopolitan.New! Heels:[ChicChica]Pearl me up (gacha) Zode noir (maitreya,belleza,slink) by Lilo Denimore @TCF.New! Earrings & ring:[ChicChica] Pearl me up (gacha) (pink,white,sky) by Lilo DenimoreContinue reading “Asteria,ChicChicca…..”