POST III- TresChic-Vanity Hair,Illi,Like Design ,Fashiowl Poses….

Hair:[Vanity Hair] Sundance by Tabata Jewell @TresChic.New! Shades:[Glitzz]Manhatam sunglasses by Lissa Bohm@Good Vibes.New! Necklace:[Glitzz] Zora Necklace by Lissa Bohm @TresChic.New! Swimsuit:[Illi] Rie Halter swimsuit @TresChic.New! Highfeet anklet:[Like Design] @TresChic.New! Barbecue Set:[Fashiowl Poses] Outdoor party @TresChic.New! Drink:[ChicChica]Smoothie gacha by Lilo Denimore @Arcade.New!

Love my summer days….

Head:[Catwa] Catya v 2.3 Head applier:[The Skinnery] Kailee (catwa applier) (comes with hairbase or without) by Umazuma Metaluna@Collabor88.New! Ponytail:[ItGirl] Kim with The Skinnery hairbase. Top & Panties:[Glitzz]Elle set (maitreya) by Glitzz @Cosmopolitan.New! Porch Set:[Hive] Oceania decor full set @Collabor88.New! Breakfast on the table:[Fancy Decor]  @Collabor88.New!


Hair:[Fabia] Una (multistyler) @TresChic.New! Head:[Catwa] Catya v3.2. Head applier:[Colivati Beauty] Ariah (catwa applier) by Colivati Beauty@ULTRA.New! Top:[Giz Seorn] Dulci Hanky top by Giz Seorn@Cosmopolitan.New! Sarong:[Glitzz] Gypsies Sarong by Glitzz Store @Cosmopolitan.New! Earrings:[Avenge] Universe earrings @TresChic.New! Necklace:[ L.W] ZODIAC NECKLACE @TresChic.New! Cupcake:[ChicChica] Sweet Gacha full set by Lilo Denimore @POCKET GACHA.New!