Don’t think i will wait forever

Hair:[Besom]Powder (blondes) @Uber.New Head:[Genesis Lab] Eva bento 3.2 Head applier:[Le Forme] Dunya (genesis lab applier). Eyes: L’Etre Body:Maitreya Hoodie:[ Varonis ] Cropped hoodie (maitreya,isis,freya,hourglass) comes with hud to customized by Zara Suto @TRES CHIC.New! Dress:[Varonis]Kiara dress can be worn like a dress or top (maitreya,isis,freya,hourglass) comes with hud to customized by Zara Suto @TRES CHIC.New!Continue reading “Don’t think i will wait forever”

Summer,beach,flip flops…

Hi girls after all this months i decided to blog again , finally i work mornings so i have the rest of the day to do so many things and one of them is to blog..this is my first post so i hope you like it. Hair:[YSE salon] Favor hair /Greyscale @Hair Fair.New! Head:[Catwa] CatyaContinue reading “Summer,beach,flip flops…”

DEAD DOLLZ-The Italian Widow..

Hair:[Little Bones]Olympia @Collabor88.New! Head:[Genesis Lab]Eva (bento) .New! Head applier:[It Girls] Rosie (Genesis bento applier).New! Eyes:[L’etre] Dress:[Dead Dollz]Widow dress (RARE) by Kiddo Oh@The Epiphany.New! Bra, Panties, Socks,Gloves,Earrings,Necklace (Dead Dollz) The Italian Widow (gachas) by Kiddo Oh @The Epiphany.New!

TRES CHIC-Mimikri,AvaWay,Rama,The Oak…

Hair:[Little Bones]Mara. Head:[Catwa]Annie. Head applier:[Remy & Rowe]Molly Wen (catwa applier)@Cosmopolitan. Ears & Eyes:L’Etre Dress:[Mimikri]JouJou (maitreya,slink hourglass,physique) by Mimikri Kit @TRES CHIC.New! Shoes:[The oak]Mindy stiletto @TRES CHIC.New! Earrings:[RAMA]Pearl Anna earrings@TRES CHIC.New! Mask:[AvaWay] Grace mask & headband by Ava Way@TRES CHIC.New!


Hair:[Letituier] Dream hair @TRES CHIC.New! (Opening the 17th dec) Skin Applier:[Milan] Cindy (fiore applier) @TRES CHIC.New! Eyelashes:[L’Etre] Ears:[L’Etre] Taper ears @Uber.New! Top & Shorts:[Sabotage]Native Jersey@TRES CHIC.New! Boots:[E-CLIPSE]Hype boots @TRES CHIC.New!

Lets go running-

Hairbase:Milan Head:Fiore Head applier:Milan Ears:L’Etre Body:Belleza Jacket:[Villena]Bomber  @Kustom9.New! Sport bra:[Fishy Strawberry]Running bra (maitreya,Belleza,Freya,hourglass,isis) by Fae Ericksen@Kustom9.New! Shorts:[Fishy Strawberry]Running shorts (maitreya,freya,hourglass,isis) by Fae Ericksen@Kustom9.New! Ciclyng shorts:[Fishy Strawberry] (maitreya,belleza & slink hud) by Fae Ericksen@Kustom9.New!  


Hood:[UC]Mimi drape hoodie all in 1 @TRES CHIC.New! Hairbase:[L’Etre] (only for catwa heads)(unisex). Ears:[L’Etre] Head:[Catwa]Sarah Head applier:[Remy&Rowe]Dora Milaje. Body:Maitreya w/ slink hands & feet Top:[Wayne]Magissa leather top  (maitreya) by Chad Wayne @TRES CHIC.New! Skirt:[Wayne] Magissa skirt (maitreya) by Chad Wayne @TRES CHIC.New! Boots:[KC]BRIANNA BOOTS @TRES CHIC.New!

American Beauty, Luxe…

Hairbase:[L’Etre]  Ears:[L’Etre] Head:[Catwa] Sarah . Head applier:[Remy & Rowe]Dora Milaje (only catwa heads) @Comic Con. Body:[Maitreya] Hands&Feet:[Slink] Dress:[American Beauty]Destroyed dress (maitreya beta, hourglass,physique,Freya) by Aaylah Alter @TRES CHIC.New! Earrings:[LUXE]Majesty (gold,black,silver) by Mecaa @Kustom9.New!