TaketomiWest,C’est La vie…

Hair:[TaketomiWest]Vanessa (w/without hat) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Fiore] Head applier:[Milan]Hee (only fiore applier) Dress:[C’est la Vie]Rini dress (maitreya,physique,TMP) by Larcoco @TCF.New! Scarf:[C’est la Vie]Til muffler by Larcoco.New! Socks:[Dead Dollz]misty ensemble by Kiddo Oh@Shiny Shabby.New! Sphynk cat:Black Bantam

TRES CHIC-American Beauty,Sabotage,ChicChicca,Milan

Hair:[Little Bones]Elle @Uber.New! Head:[Fiore] Head applier:[Milan] Ghala  (body appliers in the pack)@TRES CHIC.New! Body:[Maitreya] Jacket:[S]Mirror plated jacket (unisex) @TRES CHIC.New! Body:[American Beauty]Sheer bodysuit (maitreya,physique,hourglass,B/F) by AAliyah Alter @TRES CHIC.New! Skirt:[American Beauty]Cage skirt  (maitreya,physique,hourglass,B/F) by AAliyah Alter@TRES CHIC.New! Booties:[ChicChica]Joss (slink,belleza,maitreya) by Lilo Denimore @TRES CHIC.New!

Elegance Boutique and TRES CHIC….

Hair:[Shi]Binah @Uber.New! Head:[Fiore] Head applier:[Milan] Ghala  (fiore head applier)@TRESCHIC.New! Body:[Maitreya] with [Slink hands] Dress:[Elegance Boutique] Stephie (maitreya,hourglass,physique) by Elegantia @Cosmopolitan.New! Heels:[KC]Lorena heels @TRESCHIC.New! Chocker:[Rebel Gal]Jennifer Vintage @TRESCHIC.New! Bracelet:[Petroff]Siena set @TRESCHIC.New!

Burley,TRES CHIC-Milan,Belle Epoque,Salvadori,Mowie…

Hair:[Burley]Amara  by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Fiore] Head applier:[Milan]Ghala (only fiore mesh heads) @TRES CHIC.New! Jacket:[RINKA] Glory @TRES CHIC.New! Pants:[Belle Epoque]Rebeca capris (50% off) by Janire Coba@TRES CHIC.New! Heels:[Salvadori]Madison (leather ankle strap-sandals) (maitreya) @TRES CHIC.New! Bag:[Mowie]Micah (3 poses) @TRES CHIC.New!

Lets go running-

Hairbase:Milan Head:Fiore Head applier:Milan Ears:L’Etre Body:Belleza Jacket:[Villena]Bomber  @Kustom9.New! Sport bra:[Fishy Strawberry]Running bra (maitreya,Belleza,Freya,hourglass,isis) by Fae Ericksen@Kustom9.New! Shorts:[Fishy Strawberry]Running shorts (maitreya,freya,hourglass,isis) by Fae Ericksen@Kustom9.New! Ciclyng shorts:[Fishy Strawberry] (maitreya,belleza & slink hud) by Fae Ericksen@Kustom9.New!  

Taketomi West, Tres Chic-Evie,Avenge…

Hair:[Taketomi West] Aly (new tones &hud) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Fiore] Minx.New! Head applier:[Milan] Blasian (only Fiore mesh heads).New! Body:[Maitreya] Lara 3.5. Coat:[Evie]Sara Coat (maitreya,physique,hourglass) @TRES CHIC.New! Swimsuit:[Evie]Sara swimsuit (maitreya,physique,hourglass)@TRES CHIC.New! Flip Flop:[Avenge]Anchor (slink, Belleza)@TRES CHIC.New! Beach bag:[Luas]  


Hair:[Beusy x Sabotage]Salacia hair & Crown@Collabor88.New! Head:[Fiore]MINX. Head applier:[Milan]Blasian (fiore mesh heads).New! Top& Skirt:[Mimikri]Klio (available in other tones)(maitreya,hourglass,physique) by Mimikri Kit @Cosmopolitan.New! Heels:[Reing]RIBBON HEELS @Luxe Box.New!  LUXE BOX august 2016. Necklace:[SPELL]Vintage jewelry @THE FOREST august 2016.