Hairbase:[S.E.MAKEUP] catwa hairbase. Head:[Catwa] Catya V3.0. Head applier:[S.E.Makeup] Zora (Hot Coffee) (catwa applier) @Kustom9.New! Ears:[L’etre] Basic ears Ponytail:[Rowne salon] Part of Anjaa. Jacket & Tee:[Milk Motion] Blazer with tee or w/out by Marie Lauridsen @Collabor88.New! Hot pants:[Ricielli] Hot pants @ Cosmopolitan.New! Heels:[Dirty Princess]The snow kitten Princess heels w/ hud 10 colours@Cosmopolitan.New! Rings:[Swallow]Shiny bento rings @Kustom9.

The Skinnery,Pr!tty,Ricielli,Indented…

Hair:[Pr!tty]Secret (gacha) windblow by Karla Marama@TCF.New! Head:[Lelutka]SIMONE 2.0 BENTO.New! Head applier:[The Skinnery]Lupita (Lelutka Bento applier) by Umazuma Metaluna@C88.New! Top:[Indented]BGM (maitreya,belleza,slink) (gacha) RARE by Kismet Chrome@OMG Gacha.New! Shorts:[Ricielli]Highwasted shorts (maitreya,belleza,slink) by Vliet Troncon@TCF.New!

TRES CHIC-Asteria,Mowie,Avaway,Milan…

Hair:[Little Bones]Lana. Head applier:[Milan]Cindy (fiore applier) @TRES CHIC.New! Eyemakeup:[ItGirl] Coat:[Asteria]Bella (maitreya,belleza) by Asteria @TRES CHIC.New! Top & Skirt:[Asteria]Bella (maitreya,belleza) by Asteria @TRES CHIC.New! Heels:[Ricielli]TORI high heels (hud 19 colours) by Vliet Troncon. Bag:[Mowie]Doutzen bag @TRES CHIC.New! Necklace:[AvaWay]Neva by Avaway @TRES CHIC.New!


Hair:[Letituier]Kyara (Black hud)  @ TRES CHIC.New! Head applier:[Milan] TAI @TRES CHIC.New! Outfit:[Asteria] Mady (maitreya,belleza,slink) by Kathrine Asteria @TRES CHIC.New! Heels:[Ricielli]TORI high heels by Vliet Troncon @TRES CHIC.New! Arm cuff:[LUXE]Double arm cuff by Mecaa Resident @Kustom9.New!

TRES CHIC-Sintiklia,Indigo,TABOU and Ricielli & ChicChica…

Hair:[Sintiklia] Kim  @TRES CHIC.New! Head:[Fiore]Minx. Head applier:[Indigo Emporium] Kitty and The cats meow (makeup)@ TRES CHIC.New! Dress:[Ricielli]Kourt dress (maitreya,belleza Isis y Freya, slink original & hourglass) by Vliet Troncon@ Cosmopolitan.New! Heels:[ChicChicca]Geneva (maitreya,slink,belleza) by Lilo Denimore @Shiny Shabby.New! Chocker:[TABOU]Hooked chocker @TRES CHIC.New! Bag:[ZOOM]Cinara’s bag @TRES CHIC.New!

Vanity Hair,LFE,(TRES CHIC) ,Luxe,Ricielli,Mimikri….

Hair:[Vanity Hair]Breezing (greedy pack) @TRES CHIC.New! (starting 17th) Head:[Fiore] Head applier:New Faces. Jacket:[LFE]Cloe (available in other tones) by Floryselle@TRES CHIC.New! Dress:[Mimikri]Venus chain metal dress (available in other colours)by Mimikri Kit@Cosmopolitan.New! Boots:[Ricielli]Alegra boots (with HUD) by Vliet Troncon @Cosmopolitan.New! Necklace:[LUXE]Camori Choker by Mecaa @Kustom9.New!


Hair:[enVOGUE]JOCELYN (diversity pack) by Casandra Rain.New! Choker:[AVAWAY] HANNAH by Ava Way @Cosmopolitan.New! Lingerie:[Dead Dollz]After dark lingerie (maitreya,freya,isis,venus) by Kiddo Oh @Shiny Shabby.New! Heels:[Ricielli]Irina high heels (12 colours hud) by Vliet Troncon@Cosmopolitan.New!

TaketomiWEST,Dead Dollz,Ricielli,White Widow,AVAWAY…. and TRES CHIC…

Hair:[TaketomiWEST] Alexa (new tones and huds ) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Fiore]Minx. Head applier:[Milan] Eyelashes & Eyes:[L’Etre] Body:[Belleza] Isis Tattoo:[White Widow]Signs (Adammesh body,Belleza,slink, Maitreya,Omega System,Sking Brazilian Doll,TMP) by Julia Hastings@Madpea Hunt.New! Dress:[Dead Dollz]Grace (Maitreya,Freya,Isis,Venus) by Kiddo Oh @Whimsical.New! Heels:[Ricielli]ATHENA (hud) by Vliet Troncon@Cosmopolitan.New! Necklace & Earrings:[AVAWAY]Sunny  by Ava Way @TRES CHIC.New! Clutch:[ERSCH]TICKET clutch @TRES CHIC.New!