The Skinnery,ChicChica & TresChic-August…

Head :[Catwa] Catya v 3.2. Head applier:[The Skinnery] Francesca comes w/hairbase (i’m wearing) and without (catwa applier) by Umazuma Metaluna @Collabor88.New! Ears:[L’Etre] Basic mesh ears 2018.New! Eyes:[L’Etre] Catwa eyes #53.New! Ponytail: [S.E.MAKEUP] Lory. Dress:[EVIE] Dafne @TresChic.New! Boots:[G&D] Harper 21 colours HUD @TresChic.New! Humidifier:[ChicChica] Bulb humidifier by Lilo Denimore.New!

Don’t feed the mermaids…

Hairbase and ponytail:[] Lory catwa hairbase.New! Visor:[] LORY VISOR collection.New! Water drops body & face:[S.E.Makeup] applier.New! Bikini:[Giz Seorn]Margaritas beach suit by Giz Seorn @ Cosmopolitan.New! Smoothie:[ChicChica] Strawberry Mango smoothie by Lilo Denimore @Equal.New!

TresChic-July-ChicChica,Majesty,Armonia Decor,Lw Poses….and Giz Seorn..

Hairbase:[S.E.MAKEUP] VIP PARTY HAIRBASE HUD COLORS.New! Shades:[Majesty] ICEY Girl shades.@ TresChic.New! Beachwear:[Giz Seorn] Poppy beachwear by Giz Seorn @Vanity Event.New! Bag of Chips:[ChicChica] CHIPS by Lilo Denimore @TresChic.New! DECOR:[Armonia Decor] SET M DEL PLATA  @TresChic.New! POSES: [LW] Undeniable  @TresChic.New!

I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck….

Hairbase & bun:[S.E.MAKEUP] RED CARPET HAIRBASE @KUSTOM9.New! Top:[Giz Seorn] Nikita bandeu top by Giz Seorn @Equal10.New! Shorts:[Giz Seorn] Beckie denim shorts by Giz Seorn@Equal10.New! Platforms:[Phedora] Todosa platforms @Kustom9.New! Clutch:[REIGN] flamingo clutches.New!