Hair:[Taketomi West]Mei (fatpack)(halloween group gift) by Bella Earst.New! Vest:[Asteria] Loren (Belleza,Maitreya,Slink) by Kathrine Asteria @Cosmopolitan.New! Dress:[Asteria] Loren (belleza,maitreya,slink) by Kathrine Asteria @Cosmopolitan.New! Necklacce:[Asteria] Loren by Kathrine Asteria @Cosmopolitan.New! Bag:[Pseudo]Cahier (gatcha) @Sanarae.New!

Shop to save a life (Dead Dollz)

Hi girls i would have loved to blog this outfit from Dead Dollz before but been still at my family home i haven’t the same time i have when i’m at my home.. Today will be the last day you can help Daniel  (all information you find here) Over 120 designers are donating 50-100% ofContinue reading “Shop to save a life (Dead Dollz)”


Hair:[Taketomi West]Laura  (new huds and tones) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Fiore]Minx. Head applier:[remy&rowe]dora milaje (cocoa) (only fiore mesh heads) @Comic Con.New! Body:[Maitreya] Hands & Feet:[Slink] Dress:[Indented]PYT (Maitreya (Beta),Hourglass,Physique,Freya) (available in other tones) by Kismet Chrome. New! Heels:[ChicChica]Blaze  (Maitreya,slink,Belleza) by Lilo Denimore.New! Necklace:[LUXE] Vivica (black,gold,rosegold,silver) by Mecca@ Limit8.New! Bracelet:[Revoul]The Belle nail bracelet by High Cache @Limit8.New!

Taketomi West, Tres Chic-Evie,Avenge…

Hair:[Taketomi West] Aly (new tones &hud) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Fiore] Minx.New! Head applier:[Milan] Blasian (only Fiore mesh heads).New! Body:[Maitreya] Lara 3.5. Coat:[Evie]Sara Coat (maitreya,physique,hourglass) @TRES CHIC.New! Swimsuit:[Evie]Sara swimsuit (maitreya,physique,hourglass)@TRES CHIC.New! Flip Flop:[Avenge]Anchor (slink, Belleza)@TRES CHIC.New! Beach bag:[Luas]  


Hair:[Taketomi West]Brooke (black hud) by Bella Earst.New! Blouse:[American Beauty]Dark blue tucked denim by Aaylah @Kustom9.New! Shorts:[American Beauty]Dark blue high shorts by Aaylah @Kustom9.New! Heels:[ChicChica]Paige (available in other tones) ( Belleza,Maitreya,Slink) by Lilo Denimore @Shiny Shabby.New! Necklace:[LUXE]Jenny Necklaces by Mecaa @The Crossroads.New!

TaketomiWEST,Dead Dollz,Ricielli,White Widow,AVAWAY…. and TRES CHIC…

Hair:[TaketomiWEST] Alexa (new tones and huds ) by Bella Earst.New! Head:[Fiore]Minx. Head applier:[Milan] Eyelashes & Eyes:[L’Etre] Body:[Belleza] Isis Tattoo:[White Widow]Signs (Adammesh body,Belleza,slink, Maitreya,Omega System,Sking Brazilian Doll,TMP) by Julia Hastings@Madpea Hunt.New! Dress:[Dead Dollz]Grace (Maitreya,Freya,Isis,Venus) by Kiddo Oh @Whimsical.New! Heels:[Ricielli]ATHENA (hud) by Vliet Troncon@Cosmopolitan.New! Necklace & Earrings:[AVAWAY]Sunny  by Ava Way @TRES CHIC.New! Clutch:[ERSCH]TICKET clutch @TRES CHIC.New!