TRES CHIC-Majesty,Asteria,Mowie,L’Etre and ieQED…

Headwrap:[Majesty]Dianna headwrap @TRES CHIC.New! Head:[Fiore]Minx.New! Ears:[L’Etre]Gem pierced ears@TRES CHIC.New! Outfit:[Asteria] top & skirt (sold separate) Rhapsody by Asteria @TRES CHIC.New! Sandals:[Mowie]Jane  @TRES CHIC.New! Bag:[Mowie]Karlie @TRES CHIC.New! Necklace:[ieQED]Antler necklace by Sigi Faust@The Secret Affair.New!

TRES CHIC-Revoul,Amitie,Foxy and GIZZA.

Hair:[Foxy]Youth hair @TRES CHIC.New! Head:[Fiore] Updated. Head applier:[Fiore]Jing  (only fiore mesh head) (updated). Ears:[L’Etre]Gem pierced ears@TRES CHIC.New! Lace top:[Gizza]Fleur lace top body appliers (OMEGA,maitreya,belleza, slink,system layer) by Giz Seorn.New! Dress:[Revoul]Chiffon Leit gown by HighCache @TRES CHIC.New! Pose w/doberman:[AMITIE]Doberman female @TRES CHIC.New!

TRES CHIC-Opale,Tabou,Mimikri,KC,White Widow,C’est La Vie

Hair:[Opale]Kelly hair (blacks) w/hud for headband@TRES CHIC.New! Head:[Catwa]Bibi v4.9 .New! Head applier:L’Etre. Eyes:L’Etre. Tattoo:[White Widow]Equals (black) by Julie Hastings@Shiny Shabby.New! Top:[Mimikri]Naomi  (organza crop top) by Mimikri@TRES CHIC.New! Shorts:[Mimikri]Leather shorts by Mimikri@TRES CHIC.New! Belt:[Mimikri]Studded belt by Mimikri@TRES CHIC.New! Shoes:[KC]Zany shoes (maitreya,belleza,slink, tmp flat)@TRES CHIC.New! Bag:[C’est la Vie]Elmo bag by Larcoco.New! Necklace:[Tabou]Julia (gold) @TRES CHIC.New! Mouth hairbandContinue reading “TRES CHIC-Opale,Tabou,Mimikri,KC,White Widow,C’est La Vie”

TRES CHIC-Boon,Luxe,Indented,Mulloy,White Widow,Ricielli

Hair:[Boon]Lab 0.21 @TRES CHIC.New! Head:[Catwa] Annie 4.9. Head applier:[L’Etre]Cheyenne. Tattoo:[White Widow]Equals (available in blue,black,white)by julie Hastings @Shiny Shabby.New! Dress:[Indented]Melanie I (maitreya,hourglass,physique) by Kismet Chrome @TRES CHIC.New! Heels:[Ricielli]Nancy high heels by Vliet Troncon @Cosmopolitan.New! Bag:[Mulloy]Cora @TRES CHIC.New! Earrings:[Luxe]Bar hoops by Mecaa @TRES CHIC.New! Necklace:[Luxe]one liner necklace by Mecaa @Kustom9.New!  


Hair:[Magika]01 heartbeat.New! Head:[Catwa]Candy. Ears:[L’Etre] Basic mesh ears @TRES CHIC.New! Head applier:[Lara Hurley] Gia (catwa applier) @Summerfest’16.New! Top:[Evani] Pizza (bonus top) with fatpack by Evastika Aura (blogger pack) ty<3 @TRES CHIC.New! Jeans:[Evani]Pizza skinny (available in other tones) by Evastika Aura (blogger pack) ty ❤@TRES CHIC.New! Puppy: [Black Bantam]Sharpei @Kustom9.New!

Burley,Gizza,ieQED,NS,TRES CHIC

Hair:[Burley]Octavia III by Bella Earst (blogger pack)ty ❤.New! Dress:[Gizza]Dhalia dress (ocean-red) by Giz Seorn (blogger pack) ty ❤.New! Flip Flop:[NS] Group Gift  w/hud different pattern by Nani Soulstar (blogger pack) ty ❤.New! Bag:[Luas]Beach bag (blogger pack) ty ❤. @TRES CHIC.New! Rings:[ieQED]Summer rings  (gacha) by Sigi Faust (blogger pack) ty ❤ @Kustom9.New!  

American Beauty,Avaway,Revoul,Tres Chic

Hair:[Revoul] Chloe hair mesh by Ezekiel (blogger pack) ty ❤ @TRES CHIC.New! Dress:[American Beauty]Lounge cover up by AAliyah Alter (blogger pack) ty ❤.New! Earrings:[FORTE]The Diana pearl earrings @Kustom9.New! Necklace & arm bracelet:[Avaway]Elvira jwewlry set by Ava Way (blogger pack) ty ❤ @TRES CHIC.New! Sandals:[Reign]Boho laced sandals.  


Hair:[Letituier]Lila hair (black ) (blogger pack) ty ❤@TRES CHIC.New! Head :[Catwa] Head applier:[L’Etre]Sasha (chocolate)(catwa applier).New! Dress:[Indented]Sonya (available in other colours)(maitreya,slink hourglass) by Kismet Chrome (blogger pack)ty<3@TRES CHIC.New! Necklace set:[Luxe]TRIO NECKLACE by Mecaa (blogger pack)ty<3@Kustom9.New!


Hair:[Boon] Lab.o40 (blacks)(blogger pack)@TRES CHIC.New! Head:[Catwa]Annie 4.9 Head applier:[Pumec]Emelie (available in 4 tones )(catwa applier)(blogger pack)@TRES CHIC.New! Ears:[L’etre]Basic mesh ears @TRES CHIC.New! Body:[Maitreya] Lara. Eyes:L’Etre Eyelashes:Mai Bilavio (catwa ). Outfit:[ASTERIA]IN FLAMES (SKIRT,TOP,BRACELET) (MAITREYA,SLINK )By Asteria (blogger pack)ty ❤@TRES CHIC.New! Earrings:[ChicChica]Nina gold by Lilo Denimore (blogger pack). Heels:[ChicChica]Camille night (available in other tones)by Lilo Denimore (bloggerContinue reading “TRES CHIC:PUMEC,BOON,ASTERIA,CHICCHICA”