Hair:[Vanity Hair] Diablesa by Tabata Jewell @Dark style fair.New! Face makeup:[MJNM] GlowSkull UNISEX (catwa,omega)by Neveah Faith.New! Eyes:[The Skinnery] korchata eye collection @ Salem.New! Costume:[Rosary] Glow Skeleton by Shai Kismet. New! Cemetery:[Milk MOtion] The Old Cemetery (RARE)  has rain,fog you can turn on and off ,Gacha by Marie Lauridsen @The Arcade.New! Ghost halloween treats:[Chicchica] Ghost treatContinue reading “IT’S HALLOWEEN ; EVERYONE’S ENTITLED TO ONE GOOD SCARE..”

Help yourself to something sweet…

Hair:[Vanity Hair] Fetishia by Tabata Jewell.New! Jumpsuit:[Bens Beauty] Astrid by Snow Martiel .New! Sandals:[Bens Beauty] Everly summer sandals by Snow Martiel.New! Earrings:[ChicChica] Harlee earrings by Lilo Denimore .New! Cake tray:[ChicChica] Petit Four (Gacha) (REWARD) by Lilo Denimore @The Arcade.New! Cake on left pic :[ChicChica] Petit Four #12 by Lilo Denimore @The Arcade.New! Cake in theContinue reading “Help yourself to something sweet…”

TresChic- July-Vanity Hair,Rosary,Earthstones,Ellure….

Hair:[Vanity Hair] Baccara by Tabata Jewell @TresChic.New! Earrings:[Ellure] OHANA turtle earrings @TresChic.New! Swimsuit:[Rosary] Jewel by Shai Kismet @TresChic.New! Sandals:[Earthstones] Callista sandals @TresChic.New! Soda:[ChicChica] SODA by Lilo Denimore @BLUSH.New!

POST III- TresChic-Vanity Hair,Illi,Like Design ,Fashiowl Poses….

Hair:[Vanity Hair] Sundance by Tabata Jewell @TresChic.New! Shades:[Glitzz]Manhatam sunglasses by Lissa Bohm@Good Vibes.New! Necklace:[Glitzz] Zora Necklace by Lissa Bohm @TresChic.New! Swimsuit:[Illi] Rie Halter swimsuit @TresChic.New! Highfeet anklet:[Like Design] @TresChic.New! Barbecue Set:[Fashiowl Poses] Outdoor party @TresChic.New! Drink:[ChicChica]Smoothie gacha by Lilo Denimore @Arcade.New!

Hair:[Vanity Hair] Silk noise by Tabata Jewell @TresChic.New! Head:[Catwa] Catya v2.3 Head applier:[ItGirl] Dewy (catwa applier) @ACCESS EVENT.New! Eyelashes:[TresBeauMakeup] THE KOKO EYELASHES COLLECTION (CATWA APPLIER).New! Jacket:[Giz Seorn]Trixie denim jacket by Giz Seorn @Vanity Event.New! Skirt & Top:[AB] Sporty 69 by Missqwerty Pevensey. M&M’s :[ChicChica] Chococandies by Lilo Denimore @BLUSH LOCATION.New!